Gold – Smart Advice to Protect Your Wealth

Recalling your History classes, all markets, currencies, and exchanges were originally based upon gold; it has been used as a benchmark of value for thousands of years. When all else fails, there will always be gold. And in times of uncertainty and chaos gold prices always go up.

Nick Grovich, President & CEO of American Federal Rare Coins & Bullion, Inc. knows this and… just a tad about gold. The company was founded in 1983 and Nick has owned it since 1985. His client base is substantial and the personal attention each investor and collector receives is the key to his success. The company is small but hugely knowledgeable about all things numismatic – that is, relating to coins, paper currency, and precious metals.

Grovich’s clients don’t get the big runaround either. Prompt and solid advise and a no fee portfolio review is just the beginning of the journey to solid investing in gold. Formerly having had his own radio program on purchasing gold, Grovich tells how he met one of his more prominent clients, Michael Medved:

“Michael Medved had been participating in an event at the radio station. The first thing out of his mouth was, ‘I hate coin dealers,’ and proceeded to ask me what I did; of course I told him I was a coin dealer! After the initial meeting I did a review of his portfolio, showing him that the companies that advertise gold purchasing, in reality, often end up selling collectible coins that have a high premium placed on them. I showed him that there is a real element of safety owning gold bullion or bullion coins produced by the government and sold based on the actual price of the metal,” explained Grovich. “Medved has endorsed us ever since.”

A little research tells us that despite what is currently happening in the U.S. and other parts of the world, the biggest winners over the past few months have been the monetary metals — gold, silver, and platinum. The market looks good now and it appears that 2016 is on an upswing with an approximate 30% increase in precious metals, assures Grovich. Our upcoming presidential election in November and Britain remaining divided post-Brexit, is an example of tensions underlying the marketplace, yet precious metals have been very strong in the aftermath.

Now may be that perfect time to consult with American Federal should you have questions about offers to purchase gold from others. “We try to give our clients information and let them decide. Most larger companies are staffed by salespeople who have an agenda to sell for the largest commissions – they want to sell esoteric and expensive certified coins. We show how those kind of coins have performed over the last 25 years and let you make up your own mind.” One extreme example Nick recalled was of a mishandled high-end client who came to us. He had invested five million dollars in rare coins with a company – the real value turned out to be $580,000! That’s why Nick recommends checking values before you purchase any coins.

The company’s goal is to try to get people out of costly situations and to that end here is a brief checklist:

1.Keep it simple

2.Invest in gold, silver, or platinum bars & bullion coins

3.Educate yourself if you wish to buy collectible coins

4.Seek reputable advice – Professional Numismatist Guild members are vetted and checked out. Also note that coin dealers have NO fiduciary responsibility, so education is key to success

5.Most importantly, know what YOU want, not what a dealer wants to sell you

Good advice all the way around from a company who believes in long term prospects for their long term clients. As Nick Grovich likes to say: “Trying to outsmart the coin market never works. Trying to be smart about gold investing does.”

To receive your free copy of Nick Grovitch’s book about smart gold investing please call: 1-800-221-7694