Drew Alcázar: Running in the Black

  • story by David M. Brown
  • posted on 05/2009
  • posted in: Great Garages

Drew Alcázar likes his cars clean and covered — including the squeaky-clean 1969 Ford Boss 429 covering the middle of his Paradise Valley living room.

He and wife Josephine are the owners of Russo and Steele Auctions, held annually in Scottsdale and Monterey. The next California iteration is Aug. 13–15, and the following Scottsdale, Jan. 20–24, 2010, is the 10th anniversary of the thriving event, which showcases American muscle cars and European post-World War II classics.

How, then, does Drew convince Josephine to allow bucket seats into a focal-point room where you’d expect a lush sofa or love seat? “It’s a passion, and a little bit of a sickness,” says Drew, chuckling, of his hobby. “She understands that but also appreciates, as I do, that great cars are works of art.”

Anyone who knows Drew knows his favorite color is black, so he’s uncovered five of his finest ebony collectibles to showcase:

•1957 Mercedes Benz 190 SL Roadster — “Having owned several 300 SLs in various configurations, this little gem came our way via an auction in Texas where it was offered from a consignor who had survived a multiple-year restoration that cost so many thousands and was so arduous, that when done he simply wanted to sell it. We enjoy Sunday ‘go-to-breakfast’ drives, and Josephine loves the car so much she has threatened me with loss of life and limb should I ever dream of selling her.”

•1958 Chevrolet Corvette Fuel Injection — “Of the ‘solid axle’ generation, I liked the ‘58 for the many unique features: washboard hood, deck lid spears, pebble-grain interior, etc. I found it in a shop after it sat for many years. Corvette specialists, the Fabors, helped me verify that, indeed, it was a genuine fuelie and then helped me restore the car. Most Vette judging forums are pretty critical of the car because it is simply too nice. That’s okay, though. I built it for me — not for the judges.”

•1965 Shelby American Cobra 289 — “After waiting nearly 10 years to find the ‘right’ Cobra, it almost magically appeared four years ago. It’s a very ‘late’ production example, featuring Ford electronics, alternator, rack and pinion steering and was fully complete with top, side curtains and tonneau cover. We restored it and have enjoyed showing at several events, including the Shelby American Automobile Club National Convention.”

•1966 Aston Martin DB6 — “This car is the culmination of a life-long dream of owning an Aston Martin. These British masterpieces from David Brown also utilize the coachbuilding of Supperleggera and design of Touring in Italy. This car was originally delivered to the chairman of Volkswagen in Germany. Few cars embody luxury touring like Aston Martin — from the wonderful smell of wool and leather in the interior to the smooth five-speed manual transmission, all finished with English purposefulness and Italian flair.”

•1989 Lamborghini Countach Anniversario — “Having pestered the owner for several years to buy the car, I finally got the call that he was ready to sell. He chose to drive it from Colorado Springs to Phoenix. As a result, with a car inches off the ground, the damage to the painted surfaces was significant, so I dove into a complete restoration. Today, it is, indeed, the car that existed in my mind and is the centerpiece of our ‘black’ display.”

Drew isn’t looking, by the way, but if he sees the “right” four-cam Ferrari 275 and Lamborghini Miura SV, he might add these classics to his garages — clean and covered, of course. “Cars come to us,” he says, with a smile. “Then, like stray pets, we just adopt them into the family.”