Classic & Classy – Alpio’s @ Troon

Alpio Barbara stands amid his collection of classic cars and memorabilia surveying the wonders starting from the late 1940s that are displayed in his Alpio’s @ Troon Event Center. For starters, there is a 1966 Mustang convertible, a 1973 De Tomaso Pantera, a 1954, 1961, and a 1966 Corvette alongside a Shelby Cobra, a collection of motorcycles and room for more red-hot vehicles. This is just the prelude to the jaw-dropping collection of iconic Americana that will leave you wanting to move in permanently, if not at least to arrange for a holiday party, company retreat, fundraiser, reunion, or teambuilding event there.

Barbara himself reminds one of a kid in a candy shop – item-by-item he can tick off his “Rat Pack” ephemera, Hollywood era posters, old gasoline pumps, pinball and Pac-man machines along with vintage sports jerseys of some of his favorite ball players. “I always liked cars, but every time I finished working on a car, I had to sell it for a variety of reasons,” he explained. “I can recall putting tires on Steve McQueen’s Mustang that was used in the movie Bullet. At the time I was just a teen and really didn’t know who he was until the garage owner told me, but the mystique of McQueen is now part of the ambiance here at our event facility, and I am glad. When I came to Arizona I had met with some success so I was able to keep the things together that I began appreciating in my youth.”

As with all things we covet, Barbara’s collection grew along with his savvy as a renowned tire dealer (this November he will be receiving the Modern Tire Dealer of the Year Award for 2016 – he was selected out of 30,000 U.S. tire dealers), so he bought a piece of land with a warehouse like structure on it that would become, he said, “My man cave for me and my friends. Soon it was so popular that I felt compelled to offset the cost associated with the upkeep of the nearly 5,000 square feet and decided to share my collection in an unusual way by opened it up to the public as a privately held event site.”

The center, facing beautiful Troon Mountain, had its grand opening April 9th of this year – just in time for Alpio’s 65th birthday celebration. Arrangements can also be made for cocktail gatherings – elegant or casual – catered events such as bachelor parties, holiday parties, wedding rehearsals, and a host of other specialty arrangements. Alpio’s @ Troon center can accommodate up to a maximum of 200 persons. There are two mezzanines, plenty of television monitors and an 80-inch presentation TV screen on one of the mezzanine levels – all Internet connected.

The one-of-a-kind private and very classy event facility dubbed: “The Ultimate Venue for that Old School Feel” will leave your guests, family, or clients wishing for more. It is the essential place to see and be seen and while it came about as a classic car lover’s dream, it has become a haven for any of us who are looking for that something different – a place that satisfies the kid as well as the collector in each of us.

For more information on planning your gathering contact:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 650-995-4653

Address: Alpio’s @ Troon 10452 E. Jomax Scottsdale, AZ 85262